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We have shipped hundreds of thousands of servers and other electronics with a cumulative value in the billions of dollars. Our clients include a majority of the world's largest technology firms. The foremost Northern Virginia data centers recommend our services to their clients.

Experience and Reputation

(703) 796-0180

Craters & Freighters Northern Virginia is the "go to" company for many of the world's foremost technology firms and government contractors.

Expert Tech Equipment Handling Northern Virginia

Some of the nation's largest technology companies have relied on us to pick-up, pack, crate and ship and deliver their largest, heaviest, secure, fragile and high value assets.

Special care goes into packaging technology equipment such as server racks, computers and telecom parts. Items such as these are susceptible to incurring damages during transit because of their fragile components. We carefully analyze the item’s characteristics to determine the best way to pack. We then use the latest packaging technologies such as anti-static wraps, cushioning, and foams to prevent electro static discharge from damaging the item’s components.

Computer Equipment Packaging

We understand the susceptibility of fragile components during the shipping process. That is why our special care begins with assessing what you want to ship. We determine everything from what kind of padding may be required to minimize vibration to what specifications the crate we build must meet to assure full protection during transit. You can be confident we use the latest packaging technologies to prepare your items for safe shipment, whether that’s across the country or around the world.

We are your one-source company that will do the job right from start to finish, whatever your needs!


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