Server Shipping

Need to ship a server rack? Relocate a data center?

Craters & Freighters is the "go to" company for many of the world's foremost technology firms and government contractors.


Experience and Reputation

We have shipped hundreds of thousands of servers and other electronics with a cumulative value in the billions of dollars. Our clients include a majority of the world's largest technology firms. The foremost Northern Virginia data centers recommend our services to their clients.

Safe Handling

The shipping of valuable equipment cannot be entrusted to inexperienced shippers. Established in 1990, Craters & Freighters has developed proprietary methods of handling, wrapping, cushioning, and packaging these valuable items. We understand that these items require proper cushioning systems, stabilization, and professionally built containers in order to be shipped safely and securely.

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In-House Packaging

Most "crating and shipping companies" are actually brokers who outsource the most critical task - the packaging of your items for safe transport - to so-called "agents" or "affiliates". Craters & Freighters physically performs - and insures - its own packaging from 67 locations nationwide, relying upon nearly 20 years of proven packaging methods. When you choose Craters & Freighters, you know exactly who will be handling your items, and you can rest assured that they are up to the task.

Broad Capability

No move is too large or too small for Craters & Freighters. We have served clients shipping everything from a single server or PBX to multiple server racks to entire data centers.

Flexible Service

We understand that different customers have different needs. Our customer service team will work with you to create a solution that meets your individual needs - from expedited service or after hours pickup and delivery to extended services such as de-racking, storage, and uncrating. Tell us your need, and we will make it happen.

Case Studies

Server & Computer Equipment

Recurring Expedited Crating and Shipping of Server Equipment for World's Largest Technology Company

Over the past three years, Craters & Freighters has packed and shipped over 2000 servers, routers, and switches for this customer, both domestically and internationally. We have provided door to door service as fast as on a next day basis to meet this client's needs. The total value of equipment shipped to date exceeds $30 million.

Crating and Shipping of Server Racks, LCD Screens, and Video Walls to Iraq for Top 5 U.S. Government Contractor 

Craters & Freighters built 20 custom crates for server racks and video equipment, which were shipped with 18 existing crates to Camp Anaconda (Balad), Iraq. All told, this shipment weighed over 26,000 lb, and was valued at just under $2 million.

Repeat Shipments of Computer and Server Equipment to Africa and the Middle East for Leading International Airport Security Provider

Craters & Freighters has arranged nine shipments of equipment to Equatorial Guinea, Kuwait, and Ivory Coast. Our international shipping team ensured proper completion and filing of export documentation and licenses, and arranged timely shipment of over $10 million worth of equipment.

Expedited Crating and Guaranteed Shipping of Switches to Ireland for Top 5 Global Online Retailer

Craters & Freighters provided door to door service including crating, freight, and customs clearance for two switches valued at $300,000 in three business days. We have performed numerous additional shipments domestically and internationally for this customer, typically on a rush basis.

Same Day Crating and Next Business Day Shipping of Server Rack to Colorado for Top 5 U.S. Government Contractor 

Craters & Freighters picked up a loaded server rack and 24 pieces of loose server equipment at 3:00 PM on a Friday. Our team of crating professionals packed the gear in custom crates in two hours, enabling us to dispatch this $250,000 shipment on a same day basis. Delivery took place the following Monday morning, exceeding the client's deadline of 5:00 PM.



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